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Books for Japanese learners

tadogkuLooking for a book to improve your Japanese?  You can check these books at the UK library.
Reberu betsu Nihongo tadoku raiburarī (レベル別日本語多読ライブラリー) series

A set of 13 volumes consisting of short stories:  each volume is designed for a specific level of Japanese language learner from level zero to four.   Accompanied cds can be checked out at the circulation desk.

Omo shiroi monogatari jippun dokusho (おもしろい物語10分読書 )

A set of five volumes of which are designed for a specific age of readers from first to six grade.


omoshiroi dokusho

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Spring Anime Film Festival

UK Asia Center and Libraries present Spring Anime Film Festival

All events are at Auditorium in W.T. Young Library, FREE 

4/10 6 pm FLCL (Fooly Cooly) Discussion and showing with Frenchy Lunning

4/11 6 pm Frenchy Lunning Lecture, Under the Ruffles: Shoujo; Kawaii Power and its effects on Global Society”

8 pm Summer WarsMovie Showing.  Winner of the 2009 Animation Award

4/12 6 pm Detective Conan:   Double -feature showing. The kid-sized detective with a brain that rivals Sherlock Holmes takes on new mysteries and evil masterminds once again.

4/15 4:30 pm Detective Conan Movie Showing Part II ( showing title will be announced later)

Anime film festival @ UK Library

The UK Libraries have DVDs of Summer Wars and Detective Conan: Case Closed including, The phantom of baker street,  The last wizard of the century,  Countdown to heavenCaptured in her eyes, The time bombed skyscraper, The fourteenth target.

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Anime and manga talk

Under the Ruffles: Shoujo ‘Kawaii Power’ and its affect on Global Society

April 11 poster

April 11 6:00pm  FREE
WT Young Library Auditorium, UK Campus
Frenchy Lunning, Professor at Minneapolis College of Art & Design, shares her insights on Japanese females as portrayed in manga and anime. As the “shojo” image becomes more pervasive in Japanese pop culture society and global society as a whole, what will it mean to the image and role of females in the future? Dr. Lunning is the third in UK Asia Center’s Spring Speaker Series.

Selected links to Dr.Lunning’s talks, interview, and publications:

Dr. Lunnig is a founder and the chief editor of an academic journal on manga and anime Mechademia (University of Minnesota Press).

Guest speech for N-dimentional Japan workshop (Nov.2010), entitled ‘ Traditional Japanese Art to Modern Japanese Culture, Manga and Anime’

2007 MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) interview with her, entitled “Manga show displays girl power (and internationalism)”

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Japanese animation film – DVDs


The UK Libraries purchased many Japanese animation films.    Below is a list of the Jpaanese anime DVDs available at UK Libraries.  Click on the title to go to the library catalogue:

Porco rosso

Miyazaki Hayao:  

The castle of CagliostroKiki’s delivery service,  My neighbor Totoro, Castle in the sky,  Porco RossoNausicaä of the valley of the wind,  Howl’s moving castle, Spirited away,  Princess Mononoke, Ponyo

Mamoru Oshii:

Patlabor the movie,  Patlabor 2, the movie, Ghost in the shell 2.0      

Satoshi Kon:  

Millennium actress,   Tokyo godfathers,    Paprika 

Milenium actress

Isao Takahata:    Grave of the fireflies


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King of story teller


In the past weeks, I stayed up late evey day.  Because, I could not stop reading Monster” (Japanese version)!  The creator, Naoki Urasawa, is definately one of the most skillful story tellers.  If Monster is too violent for you (lots of muders and a psychopath character) ,  I recommend “Pluto ( in English ).  This story is ‘a newvision on Astroboy (鉄腕アトム)’ .  Astroboy was one of the classic manga written by Osamu Tezuka.  I grew up by watching TV anime of Astroboy and still remember its theme song, ‘tetsuwan atomu..’.  Tezuka is known as the founder of anime and a King of story teller. We have just got one of his master piece, Black Jack (in Englishi), but will have more his classic works.

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Miyazaki’s anime at the UK student center on Nov.5

Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle will be showed in the Worsham Theater (in the student center building) on Friday, November 5th at 7 PM.   This is part of the $1 “Late Night Film Series”    

Direction to the student center and parking lot:

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Yotsuba to よつばと!

clik on the picture



Yotsubato is one of my favorit manga.  It is a story of adventurous and energetic, young girl, Yotsuba.   Her name “Yotsuba” is translated as “four leaves (clover)”.  Her green hair in four pigtails gives her the appearance of her namesake.

Yotsubato is a collection of short stories, uses relatively easy Japanese with hiragana, and is very funny.    I recommend them for Japanese leaners.  You will love Yotsuba chan!       The Young Library has a set of nine bound volumes in Japanese.

Yotsuba got lost in the crowd, click on the image

Link to the official Yotsubato website (Japanese)




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New Japanese comics

In November, you will be able to browse, read, and check out Japanese comics at the “Manga Corner” of the Young Library.
Those are the titles available at the library:

Pluto : Urasawa x Tezuka ,Akira , Nana, Black jack, Barefoot Gen

 Sazae-sanDoraemon, Asaki yumemishi あさきゆめみし

Atashinchi あたしンち, Furūtsu basuketto フルーツバスケット, Kureyon Shin-chan クレヨンしんちゃん, Monsutā モンスター, Slamdunk スラムダンク, Yotsuba to! よつばと!

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The ArtsAsia Anime Film Festival

November 10-11, 2010
WT Young Library Auditorium, UK
Free and open to the public

In celebration of the new Asian film and printed resources now available at WT Young Library, the Asia Center and the UK Library present a series of Japanese Animation films – new acquisitions to the Asian collection at UK Libraries.
This will prove to be an entertaining and informative series, as each film represents a different style and genre within this ever-growing medium:

Paprika - Spirited Away - Ghost in the Shell

Paprika, Spirited Away, and Ghost in the Shell

Paprika directed by Satoshi Kon
November 10th, 7:00pm

Paprika is a psychological thriller that dives into the world of dreams – in a future where dreams can be accessed and even explored. When someone starts to abuse that power, it’s up to Dr. Atsuko Chiba to find the culprit and save the dreams – and minds – of the victims. This is the last film by the renowned director Satoshi Kon, who passed away in August of this year. Visually stunning and thought-provoking, this is a beautiful example of the most modern of Japanese animation films.

Spirited Away directed by Hayao Miyazaki
November 11th, 6:30pm
Spirited Away is the first Japanese animated film to win the Academt Award for Best Animated Feature (2002), and it is well deserved. Miyazaki digs deep into Japanese culture and his own imagination to create a world unlike any other.  This adventure follows an ordinary girl named Chihiro who is suddenly faced with extraordinary circumstances in a beatiful, mysterious world, and must find the strength to stand up against incredible forces – or be lost forever. Heartwarming and truly cinematic in story and scenery, this is a film that is great for the young and old… so long as you’re at least a little young at heart.

Ghost in the Shell 2.0 directed by Mamoru Oshii
November 11th, 9:15pm

Step into the future, where the line between reality and cyberspace is blurring. In this newly remastered edition, see this Japanese Animation classic in a whole new light. Motoko Kusanagi – part human, mostly machine – is an agent on a mission to capture a criminal who has figured out how to hack the human mind.  The only problem is, what is “human” in this future world? A serious, gritty, powerful (and graphic) film. Be warned, this is most certainly not for kids.
This film is and always will be known for it’s brilliant animation, heart-stopping action, and deep storyline.

Film Discussion
November 11th, 8:45pm
Join members of the Japanese Culture Society and UK Anime club in this open discussion of the films shown in the series and of Japanese Animation, or Anime, as a whole. The best part of film-viewing is the discussion afterwards. Join us in sharing, discussing, learning, and possibly ranting about Japanese Animation.

Also, Kazuko Hioki, Liaison Librarian for Asian Studies, is hosting a “Manga Corner” on the 1st floor of the WT Young Library. Look for the Manga Corner banner! Manga (Japanese Comics) collections, including Nana, Pluto, Monster, Fruit basket, Slam Dunk, Black Jack, Akira, Doraemon, and more will be on display for you to browse in your free time before film showings, between classes, etc.

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Weekly Feature: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

DVD – Hayao Miyazaki, Director
Japanese Language with English Subtitles or English Language Dubbed

Nausicaa and Ohmu

Nausicaa with an "Ohmu," one of the giant insects of her world

With his recent films receiving critical acclaim even here in the United States, Hayao Miyazaki films have become a well known animation franchise. Films such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Laputa have enjoyed big screen and DVD success.

Nausicaa, Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli directorial debut, is a unique film in that, though it is his most well known film in Japan, it just may be is LEAST well known film here in the states. A profound, beautifully animated epic, it follows the adventures of Nausicaa, princess of a kingdom residing in “the Valley of the Wind,” a land as yet untouched by the pollution and poison of the post-war world surrounding it – a world dominated by deadly spores and giant insects. The world is once again falling into war, and this film follows Nausicaa’s quest to stop the destruction and at the same time understand the poisoned world around her. Miyazaki’s recent films are great, but his early works such as Nausicaa, Laputa, My Neighbor Totoro, and Castle of Cagliostro will stand out as timeless Masterpieces – definitely worth the watch.